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Alfa Romeo’s All-Black Special Livery: A Las Vegas Grand Prix Showstopper

Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu Unveil Stunning Playing Card Motifs for Inaugural Race

In a spectacular display of creativity and homage to the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, Alfa Romeo has once again wowed Formula 1 fans with their latest special livery for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. This time, it’s the Alfa Romeo C43s of Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu that have stolen the spotlight, adorned in a captivating ‘all-black’ design adorned with intricate playing card motifs, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the Strip.

This distinctive one-off livery marks the third occasion this season that Alfa Romeo has taken inspiration from the vibrant gambling and casino culture that Las Vegas is renowned for. The black base coat of the car provides a dramatic canvas, serving as the ideal backdrop for the enchanting motifs of hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs that gracefully extend across the entire length of the car.

The journey of Alfa Romeo’s special liveries commenced earlier in the season when, at the Belgian Grand Prix, the team introduced eye-catching neon green accents and intricate front wing detailing to their C43. It was a move that caught the attention of fans and rival teams alike, showcasing Alfa Romeo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of livery design.

For the Italian Grand Prix, the team once again transformed their car, this time into a vibrant representation of the Italian flag. The rear of the C43 proudly displayed the green, white, and red stripes, paying tribute to the team’s Italian heritage. Meanwhile, green stripes adorned the front half of the car, creating a harmonious fusion of style and substance.

As the Alfa Romeo team gears up for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, their mission is clear: to secure crucial points that will help them avoid slipping further down the constructors’ championship standings. With their unique and captivating livery, they aim to captivate not only the hearts of fans but also the attention of their competitors on the racetrack.

The striking black hue of the car presents a stark contrast when it finds itself in the shadows, exuding an air of stealthy sophistication. However, when bathed in the vibrant glow of the trackside lights, the intricate artwork adorning the C43 truly comes to life, garnering well-deserved attention. Notably, this captivating theme will also extend to the drivers’ overalls, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning presence on the Formula 1 circuit. In their official statement featured on the Sauber Group’s website, the team eloquently elaborated on the essence of this extraordinary theme, stating:

“Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake will sport a special look at the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, as Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu unveiled a dedicated livery at the Alfa Romeo fan experience area at the Aria Hotel, on the famous Strip.

“Created by Alfa Romeo’s Centro Stile, this livery is inspired by Las Vegas’s role as Entertainment Capital of the World, and it’s a nod to one of its most celebrated activities. The car features an all-black look, with a pattern of playing cards featuring Alfa Romeo’s Quadrifoglio in gold and heart suit cards emblazoned with the number six – for the six years of the relationship between Sauber Motorsport and Alfa Romeo.

“The special look will extend to the team’s garage and to the drivers’ attire, with Valtteri and Zhou’s race suits featuring gold Quadrifoglios and details for this most glittering of occasions.”

This season, Alfa Romeo has proven that innovation extends beyond the confines of the race itself. With each special livery unveiling, they’ve managed to captivate the imagination of Formula 1 enthusiasts worldwide. As the Las Vegas Grand Prix approaches, all eyes will be on the Alfa Romeo C43s, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this mesmerizing livery journey.

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