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Alpine Targets Red Bull’s F1 Supremacy in 2024: A Strategy of Inspiration, Not Imitation

In a strategic move for the 2024 Formula 1 season, Alpine has set its sights on the impressive performance of Red Bull’s RB19. The team aims to be inspired by, but not imitate, the benchmark set by Red Bull following their near-total dominance in 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Bull Racing’s Exceptional Performance: Their handling of the 2022 regulations has been transformative, resulting in Red Bull winning both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships in consecutive seasons.
  • Alpine’s Strategic Approach: Matt Harman, Alpine’s technical director, acknowledges Red Bull’s success but stresses the importance of carving their own path in design and strategy, rather than directly copying Red Bull’s RB19.
  • F1’s Competitive Landscape in 2023: The season saw Red Bull’s dominance due to their mastery of the new regulations, setting a high bar for other teams like Alpine, who now seek to challenge this supremacy with unique innovations.

The 2023 Formula 1 season marked a historic era of dominance by Red Bull Racing. Their thorough understanding and exploitation of the 2022 regulations led them to an overwhelming victory, clinching both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships. This unprecedented achievement has not only established them as the team to beat but has also spurred a competitive drive among their rivals, notably Alpine.

Alpine, looking ahead to the 2024 season, is focusing on making a significant impact. Rather than directly replicating the design and strategy of Red Bull’s RB19, Alpine is choosing a path of inspiration. This approach is about understanding what made the RB19 successful and integrating those insights into their own unique design philosophy.

In an insightful dialogue with, Alpine’s technical director, Matt Harman, expressed his views on Red Bull’s success and Alpine’s strategy. Harman stated, “We think we’ve understood it [the RB19] quite well. We think we understand what they’re doing. You can’t click your fingers and just imagine it overnight. We understand our direction. But I think we’ve also understood some of the other cars on the grid as well. There are some other great cars there as well that have got some really interesting developments. And it’s about trying to understand what you’re doing, what they’re doing. In the end, if we just follow those people, we will never be in front of them. I think it’s a real mantra for us that we need to be inspired by these people, but we need to follow our own way.”

This philosophy underscores the competitive spirit of Formula 1, where innovation and individuality are as critical as speed and efficiency. Alpine’s vision for 2024 is not just about catching up to Red Bull but surpassing them by forging their own path in the highly competitive world of Formula 1 racing.

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