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F1 Fans Puzzled as Major Moment Absent from Drive to Survive Season 5

The fifth season of Netflix’s hit documentary series Drive to Survive premiered recently, much to the excitement of Formula 1 fans around the world. However, fans have expressed their confusion and disappointment at the absence of one major moment from the show.

The Brazilian Grand Prix was a significant event in the 2022 F1 calendar, with many memorable moments occurring throughout the race weekend. Kevin Magnussen secured his first pole position, as well as the first pole position for the Haas team, for the sprint race on Saturday. Meanwhile, George Russell achieved his first career F1 win alongside Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, a momentous occasion for the team after a challenging season with the W13 car.

2022 Sao Paolo Grand Prix, Sunday – Jiri Krenek

However, it was the dramatic and controversial end to the race that has left fans puzzled as to why it wasn’t included in Drive to Survive Season 5. Max Verstappen, who had already secured the drivers’ championship, refused to follow team orders to let his teammate Sergio Perez pass him on the last lap of the race. This resulted in a tense and dramatic finale for the Red Bull team, with many fans left wondering why this event was left out of the show.

F1 expert Matt Gallagher took to Twitter to express his confusion, saying:

“I’m honestly so confused as to why Drive to Survive didn’t cover Brazil 2022 AT ALL. Brazil is almost ALWAYS a certified banger Netflix HAVE to go to this race!!!!!”

Other fans speculated that Max Verstappen’s desire to control how he was portrayed on the show could be the reason for the omission of the Brazilian Grand Prix. One user commented:

“Think it could be something to do with how badly Max comes across not helping out Perez…he only agreed to return to DTS if he could have some say on how he’s portrayed…”

The absence of the Brazilian Grand Prix from Drive to Survive Season 5 has left fans disappointed, particularly given the event’s significance in the 2022 F1 calendar. With the documentary series known for its… questionable… coverage of the sport, fans are questioning why such a significant event was not included in the latest season.

It remains to be seen whether the Brazilian Grand Prix will be covered in future seasons of Drive to Survive. However, for fans who were hoping to see more of the drama and excitement that unfolded during the race weekend, the absence of Brazil 2022 from the show is a notable disappointment.

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