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Drive to Survive: Season 5 | 2023 Episode Guide

Drive to Survive Season 5, released by Netflix, offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the world of Formula 1. Here’s what you can expect from each episode.

Episode One: The New Dawn

The first episode kicks off with the new season in Bahrain, where Ferrari aims to break through with their new cars and take on fierce competition from Red Bull and Mercedes. Haas drops Nikita Mazepin after Russia invaded Ukraine and replaced him with Kevin Magnussen, taking a big risk in their quest for success. The teams face unexpected challenges as they make split-second decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Episode Two: Bounce Back

In this episode, Mercedes principal Toto Wolff is faced with unexpected struggles in the team’s performance. Lewis Hamilton, the team’s star driver, navigates through the team’s redesigned car, providing valuable feedback to the team in the process. As tensions rise within the team and with other team principals, the Mercedes team must work together to get back on track and back to their winning ways.

Episode Three: Matter Of Principal

Ferrari prepares for two pivotal events – a star-studded new event in Miami and a game-changing race at Silverstone. The drivers and decision-makers feel immense pressure due to high expectations. However, cracks start to appear with reliability issues and strategic errors being made within the team. Mattia Binotto resigned from his role as Ferrari team principal following the countless issues the team endured in 2022.

Episode Four: Like Father, Like Son?

Mick Schumacher, son of racing legend Michael Schumacher, is under pressure to perform and prove his worth to the team. With the weight of his father’s legacy on his shoulders, Mick must navigate the intense world of Formula 1 racing and fight to overcome the obstacles standing in his way.

Episode Five: Pardon My French

This episode follows Otmar Szafnauer, the team principal of Alpine, as he works tirelessly to transform the team’s fortunes on and off the track. However, just as things are looking up, the team is thrown into disarray by a new round of driver musical chairs, which leaves Szafnauer scrambling to figure out his plans for the future.

Episode Six: Nice Guys Finish Last

McLaren team managers begin to consider new talent as a potential replacement for Daniel Ricciardo, leaving his future with the team uncertain. Meanwhile, Alpine faces a tough decision about the best way to move forward in the season. As the situation unfolds, Ricciardo and the Alpine team must navigate the pressures and uncertainties of the highly competitive world of Formula One racing.

Episode Seven: Hot Seat

Sergio (Checo) Pérez is under pressure to perform in the highly-anticipated Monaco Grand Prix. As Red Bull seeks to further extend their lead against Ferrari, Checo must overcome a challenging street circuit that has tripped up many drivers before. With tensions running high and the stakes even higher, every decision made by Checo and his team could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Episode Eight: Alpha Male

AlphaTauri is thrown into turmoil when Pierre Gasly decides to leave the team, leaving Yuki Tsunoda to face an uncertain future. With the pressure on, Tsunoda must show that he has what it takes to step up and lead the team. The team also confirms their signing of rookie driver Nyck de Vries who will be driving alongside Tsunoda in 2023.

Episode 9: Over The Line

In the midst of their success, Red Bull faces a daunting challenge as the FIA launches an investigation into the team’s alleged financial misconduct. While the team’s drivers and leaders defend themselves against the accusations, their competitors eagerly anticipate the outcome.

Despite the mounting pressure, Red Bull remains resolute in their confidence that they can defend their reputation and maintain their championship lead. With so much at stake, the team knows they cannot afford to falter.

Ultimately, the FIA imposes a $7 million fine on the team and a 10% reduction in wind tunnel time for the upcoming season. However, Red Bull’s star driver Max Verstappen is able to hold onto his title, much to the relief of the team and its fans.

Episode 10: End Of The Road

As the 2022 season draws to a close, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix becomes a battleground for three rival teams: Ferrari, Mercedes, and Alpine. While Red Bull has already clinched the championship, the battle for second place and beyond remains fiercely contested.

Ferrari is determined to maintain their lead over their rivals, but Mercedes is equally determined to catch up and overtake them. With so much on the line, the pressure is intense as the season hurtles towards its conclusion in a nail-biting final race.

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