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F1 Fans React To Nikita Mazepin Being Allowed To Race In 2022

Haas driver Nikita Mazepin has been confirmed to be driving in the 2022 F1 Season after a recent statement from FIA president Mohammed bin Sulayem on Russian and Belarusian drivers after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Now fans of the F1 have had a chance to think this over and have given their opinions on what’s happened.

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Well Twitter, you didn’t disappoint. Over 1,000 people responded to the press release from the FIA and it’s safe to say many of you weren’t happy with this decision. 

Twitter reacts

“Thought you would do the right thing and throw out Mazepin. Dirtiest driver on the grid also,” one commenter wrote. 

Another also disagreed, highlighting Mazepin’s connection to the Russian government:

“I find it inappropriate to let Nikita continue racing when his dad is sitting on a meeting with Putin only a few days ago.”

Others continued to complain:

“Shame on you, FIA. You describe this as “ongoing situation in Ukraine” and “hardship” instead of calling it war or invasion, just like state media in Russia is instructed. This is what you are trying to downplay and normalize:”

(This tweet contains content that some could find distressing)

“I think this was an incorrect decision by the FIA. They should temporarily ban all Russian/Belarusian drivers from racing. These guys are sponsored by Oligarchs that are wealthy. Banning their drivers shows FIA choses the lives of people above money. Pressurize Russia to stop war.”

Some did agree with the decision, however.

“How have they done it wrong? Mazepin as an individual we don’t like anyway but you can’t just fuck him out because of someone else’s actions or your own hatred towards him. Fair call IMO.”

“Thank you for letting Russians/Belorussian’s drivers compete. They don’t deserve all the hate they get on sns because of their countries. No politic in sport.”

“To everyone crying about this decision, this is the right decision. The sportsman/woman have no power over what Putin does, so why should they barred from competing? Barring them competing under the Russian flag is understandable but barring the athletes competing neutrally isn’t.”

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