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F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Shocks Fans with Unprecedented Fan Zone Closure

Organisers Respond to Safety Concerns and Union Regulations

The F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix organisers have issued a statement following the unexpected closure of fan zones before the second free practice session (FP2). The decision, driven by safety concerns and logistical issues, left numerous fans disappointed and seeking explanations.

In an unexpected turn of events, the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix took an unforeseen twist as fans were asked to leave the premises before the commencement of the second free practice session (FP2). This abrupt move by the organisers was prompted by a critical safety issue that had arisen, and it was clearly articulated in a statement released through their official communication channels.

“There is no higher priority at a Formula 1 race than the safety and security of drivers, fans and staff alike,” the statement began, addressing the gravity of the situation. The incident in question involved a water valve cover, prompting the Las Vegas Grand Prix, FI, and the FIA to implement additional safety measures. These measures, unfortunately, required several hours to complete, disrupting the race schedule significantly.

“Given the lateness of the hour and logistical concerns regarding the safe movement of fans and employees out of the circuit, LVGP made the difficult decision to close the fan zones prior to the beginning of Free Practice 2,” the statement continued.

The primary catalyst for this surprise development was the stringent rules set forth by unions, mandating that all staff members be present when fans are on the track. Given that FP2 was scheduled to extend well into the early hours of the morning, precisely until 04:00 local time, the decision to send fans home was deemed necessary. The organisers, however, were quick to reassure everyone that, with a complete round of practice successfully finished, they remain steadfast in their commitment to providing a safe and entertaining race weekend.

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