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F1 Legends Hamilton and Alonso Honor Michael Schumacher in New Documentary: A Tribute to an Icon

In the emotionally charged documentary ‘Being Michael Schumacher’, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso pay homage to the F1 legend. Their tributes underline Schumacher’s unparalleled influence in the sport and their personal admiration for him.

Key Takeaways

  • Hamilton’s Tribute: Lewis Hamilton, matching Schumacher’s record of seven F1 championships, reflects on Schumacher’s unmatched legacy, recalling him as a “full-out great racer” and the victor in many pivotal F1 moments, including the race on the day Ayrton Senna died.
  • Alonso’s Admiration: Fernando Alonso, a two-time world champion, highlights Schumacher’s role in revolutionizing racing strategies, attributing his own success to the inspiration drawn from Schumacher’s work ethic and determination.
  • Documentary Insights: ‘Being Michael Schumacher’, a German-exclusive documentary, offers personal insights from key figures like Jean Todt in Schumacher’s career, and delves into the profound impact Schumacher had on the sport and his fellow drivers.

In the documentary ‘Being Michael Schumacher’, set to air exclusively in Germany, F1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso share poignant tributes to Michael Schumacher, almost a decade after his life-changing skiing accident. The documentary provides an intimate look at Schumacher’s monumental career and the lasting impact he left on the sport and his peers.

Lewis Hamilton, who took over Schumacher’s seat at Mercedes post his 2012 retirement, fondly recalls their indirect connection in F1. Despite never being on the podium together, Hamilton always saw Schumacher as a formidable adversary and a benchmark for excellence in racing. Hamilton reminisces about Schumacher’s era of dominance, labelling him “a full-out great racer” and recalling his victories during critical times in F1 history, including the poignant win on the day of Ayrton Senna’s death. Hamilton commented, “A full-out great racer. He won the race when Ayrton died. [He was just] winning everything!”

Fernando Alonso, another F1 luminary, expressed his deep respect for Schumacher, noting how the German champion changed the approach to racing for many drivers, including himself. Alonso praised Schumacher’s relentless work ethic and determination, which served as an inspiration throughout his career.

The documentary also sheds light on Schumacher’s personal side, particularly the privacy maintained by his family, led by his wife, Corinna, during his recovery period. It highlights the special relationships Schumacher fostered within the F1 community, notably with former Ferrari boss Jean Todt, which played a significant role in their legendary success at Ferrari.

‘Being Michael Schumacher’ is a five-part series in German, offering a rare insight into the life and legacy of one of the most celebrated drivers in F1 history. The series is set to premiere on December 14 on ARD, providing fans and viewers a unique opportunity to witness the life of an F1 icon through the eyes of his contemporaries and close associates.

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