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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Backs George Russell for Singapore GP Triumph

In a recent statement, Lewis Hamilton expressed his optimism for Mercedes teammate George Russell’s chances at the Singapore Grand Prix. Although starting from second, Russell is highly anticipated to perform well, backed by the confidence of the seven-time World Champion Hamilton.

Key Takeaways:

  • George Russell is starting the Singapore Grand Prix just behind Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, missing the pole position by a slim margin of 0.072 seconds.
  • Red Bull’s unexpected setback in the qualifiers has provided an opportunity for other teams like Mercedes to challenge for victory.
  • Despite starting from the fifth position, Lewis Hamilton is confident in George Russell’s potential to take the first place.

As the Singapore Grand Prix nears, all eyes are on Mercedes’ George Russell, who narrowly missed pole position, setting the stage for a highly competitive race. The young driver’s outstanding performance has not only drawn attention but has also elicited high praise from his teammate, Lewis Hamilton. This race presents a crucial opportunity for Russell to make a significant mark in his Formula 1 career.

Russell’s ascent to the forefront comes amid Red Bull’s surprising underperformance in the qualifying rounds, not advancing into Q3. This development has shaken up the usual expectations and opened a window for Mercedes to potentially claim a win.

Hamilton, starting the race from the fifth position, openly commended Russell’s efforts. In a media interaction, Hamilton said, “I’m really happy for George, he did a mega job.” This endorsement from a seven-time World Champion underscores the belief in Russell’s capability and the team’s overall strategy.

Hamilton, reflecting on the qualifiers, shared, “It started good for us today and [then] it was not so good.” Despite this, he remained optimistic about the upcoming race, especially for his teammate. He further added, “I think George has a really good shot at winning. I really hope that he does, I hope he gets a good start and gets ahead of the Ferraris. That would be amazing for the team and for him.”

In sum, the Singapore Grand Prix is shaping up to be a riveting event, with George Russell poised to make a significant impact. The combination of Russell’s raw talent and Hamilton’s seasoned experience creates a dynamic force for Mercedes, setting the stage for an exhilarating race.

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