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F1 News: Max Verstappen Calls Out Fans After Merchandise Burned At Hungarian Grand Prix – “Disgusting!”

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has outwardly called out fans that were burning Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton merchandise during the Hungarian Grand Prix, calling the incidents “disgusting”. A video of fans dressed in orange went viral after being posted to Twitter, attracting almost 2,500 retweets and almost 4,000 likes.

It showed fans dressed in Verstappen colours burning merchandise after an intense race between Hamilton and Verstappen at the Hungaroring. But after last year’s Abu Dhabi fiasco, fans on both sides are still furious with how the 2021 season ended.

Since then, the behaviour of fans attending the races of the 2022 season has been under severe scrutiny, with F1 and its drivers releasing a video in an attempt to quell the disrespect being projected.

After reported assaults at the Red Bull Ring, F1 has now upped its security. And now Verstappen has called out the actions of these fans himself.

“Yeah, that’s of course not acceptable. I definitely don’t agree with that because that’s just disgusting,” he told the press.

“But overall, I think the majority of the fans which also were cheering a lot, I think throughout the race and also on the podium for every driver, I think that’s how it should be.

“And yeah, those videos, or video, of burning merch I think that’s disgusting.”

Verstappen took the win last weekend at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with Hamilton finishing his race in P2 followed by Mercedes teammate George Russell.

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