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F1 News: Aston Martin Sets Sights on “Aggressive Development Plan” For 2024

Aston Martin is gearing up for an ambitious mid-season upgrade strategy in a bid to challenge the Formula 1 elite, following positive testing results for its 2024 AMR24 F1 car.

Key Takeaways:

  • Satisfaction with Testing: Aston Martin finds contentment in the compliance and performance of the new AMR24 F1 car after three days of pre-season testing in Bahrain.
  • Emphasis on In-Season Development: Technical Director Dan Fallows stresses the importance of aggressive development throughout the season to keep pace with rivals.
  • Maintaining Momentum: The team aims to build upon the positive momentum from the previous season and close the gap to the fastest cars on the grid.

Reflecting on the testing phase, Fallows outlines the team’s aggressive approach to development:

“We are looking at quite an aggressive development plan, and we’re most keen that we do compete in the in-season development [race].”

He underscores the necessity of continual improvement to remain competitive:

“That has been something that you absolutely have to do if you want to be a top team and that’s what we want to do.”

Fallows emphasizes the team’s focus on immediate performance gains:

“What is the gap to the fastest car, and how do we close that as soon as possible?”

Acknowledging the remaining time within the current regulations, Fallows highlights the urgency of their approach:

“We’ve got two years left of this regulation set so there is still time for people to catch up [to Red Bull].”

Looking back at the end of the previous season, Fallows notes the competitive landscape and the team’s satisfaction with the AMR23:

“We saw the field get a lot closer at the end of last season, it was starting to get very tight.”

He expresses the team’s determination to carry forward that progress:

“We want to carry that on into this season, making sure that we have a good platform to develop through the season, which is what we’re hoping for.”

With Aston Martin’s commitment to aggressive development, Formula 1 fans can anticipate an exciting battle for grid positions and race victories as the season progresses.

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