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F1 News: Verstappen’s Abu Dhabi Struggles – Balancing Issues and Tense Russell Encounter

In a dramatic turn at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Max Verstappen faced both mechanical challenges and on-track tension, notably with George Russell, culminating in a heated incident. The Red Bull driver voiced his frustrations, particularly about being squeezed against the wall by Russell, marking a turbulent practice session.

Key Takeaways:

  • Limited Practice Time: Verstappen’s time on track during the second free practice session at Yas Marina Circuit was significantly reduced due to red flags, limiting his opportunity to adjust to the track and his vehicle.
  • Balance Issues: Struggling with a car that showed substantial understeer and a tendency to jump, Verstappen faced difficulties in achieving the ideal balance, raising concerns for the upcoming qualifying session.
  • On-Track Incident: The Dutch driver expressed his irritation with the conduct of other drivers, especially highlighting an incident with George Russell. Verstappen felt Russell made an aggressive move to squeeze him against the wall, adding to the session’s challenges.

In the second free practice session at the Yas Marina Circuit, Max Verstappen’s anticipation for a productive run quickly turned to dismay. His RB19 proved difficult to handle, exhibiting pronounced understeer and instability over the circuit’s bumps. Verstappen candidly expressed his struggles with the car’s balance:

“I think also from our side the balance was very off. A lot of understeer and a lot of jumping, so definitely a few things to figure out for tomorrow.”

The Dutch driver’s challenges were exacerbated by reduced track time, a result of red flags following incidents with Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg.

The session’s escalating tension peaked when Verstappen, trying to make the most of the limited time, attempted to overtake three cars at the pit exit. This led to a tense encounter with George Russell, with Verstappen feeling that Russell made a deliberate move to squeeze him against the wall.

“They have to move. I mean, they’re all driving slow and I want to go out because we’re all limited on time, and they just keep on driving in the middle. And then, when I tried to pass, they tried to squeeze me in the wall. So, yeah, a bit silly.”

As the teams gear up for the qualifying session, the pressure mounts. Red Bull and Verstappen, along with the rest of the grid, face the daunting task of resolving these issues in the limited time available before FP3. Despite the setbacks, Verstappen remains cautiously hopeful but is evidently puzzled by the disparity between expected and actual performance.

“A lot to figure out for FP3 to be good in qualifying, but we’ll see. I also didn’t expect us to be so far off, so that’s also a bit of a question mark for us. I mean, we’re still P3. It’s not too bad. But balance-wise, I think it can be a lot better,” he acknowledged, setting the stage for an intriguing qualifying session.

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