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Fernando Alonso Reflects on Rivalry with Lewis Hamilton: A Candid Look at Past and Future

In the revealing DAZN documentary ‘Fernando. Revealed’, Fernando Alonso offers a rare glimpse into his complex relationship with Lewis Hamilton, particularly focusing on their fierce 2007 rivalry. Alonso’s insights indicate that despite their shared history, a future friendship is unlikely, underscoring the enduring intensity of their Formula 1 rivalry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evolving Rivalry: Fernando Alonso acknowledges the changing nature of his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton. He looks back at their intense competitive spirit during the 2007 season with McLaren, noting that this rivalry has shaped their current relationship, making a future friendship seem improbable.
  • Internal Tensions: Alonso sheds light on the internal struggles and tension within McLaren. He describes how both drivers, in pursuit of personal gains, contributed to a disruptive atmosphere, impacting team harmony and development.
  • Leadership Critique: Alonso offers a critical perspective on McLaren’s leadership under Ron Dennis in 2007. He suggests that different management could have better handled the situation, implying that Dennis’s approach may have aggravated the internal team conflict.

In the DAZN documentary ‘Fernando. Revealed’, Fernando Alonso delves into the intricate details of his relationship with Lewis Hamilton, especially during their shared time at McLaren in 2007. This period marked a significant escalation in their rivalry, an element Alonso believes will continue to shape their interactions.

Alonso recounts, “Now there is another type of rivalry, I don’t think we will be friends in the future or that we will ever have… I think we don’t share many things. But it is true that in 2007 the rivalry rose to a higher level.”

He further elaborates on the internal dynamics within McLaren, revealing the friction and competition that existed between the two drivers. Alonso describes the tension-filled team meetings, the strategy games, and the individual pursuit of advantages, all contributing to a fraught atmosphere.

“There were many things that broke the relationship harmony of that year. We were young, immature, I was the first, and we had many clashes,” Alonso reflects.

Moreover, Alonso’s critique of the team’s leadership under Ron Dennis is pointed. He contrasts Dennis’s management style with other F1 leaders like Flavio Briatore and Lawrence Stroll, suggesting that a different approach might have mitigated the rivalry.

Despite the years that have passed, Alonso acknowledges that the competitive fire with Hamilton remains, citing recent on-track battles as evidence of their enduring rivalry.

“In Bahrain, which was the happy moment of the year, because I had arrived at Aston Martin and in the fight for podium I have to pass Hamilton. Every time we overtake each other it has an extra satisfaction and pain when you are the one in front. And I think we are going to always have that with us,” he concludes.

Fernando Alonso’s candid insights into his relationship with Lewis Hamilton not only highlight the complexities of F1 rivalries but also offer a rare, unfiltered look into the inner workings of a Formula 1 team.

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