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Mercedes’ Quiet Revolution: W15 F1 Car Emerges as 2024 Title Contender Amid Struggles with W14

Damon Hill's Insights Hint at a Promising Future for Mercedes in Formula 1

It seems like Mercedes has been quietly working on their W15 F1 car, which might be showing some great signs already. But before that beast gets unleashed next year as the title contender for 2024, the team might continue to struggle this year with bitter challenges in the remainder Grand Prix, as per former F1 world champion Damon Hill.

With team boss Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton getting uneasy about Max Verstappen’s records, the latest one being a tenth consecutive GP win, which Toto dismissed calling it a Wikipedia stunt, Mercedes is yet to see positive results as the team continues to struggle with the W14 car.

Hill thinks that Mercedes has already polished out the bits from the new car that weren’t working in the present one. The result of the changes and the upgrades is a fresh title contender for the next season. However, we’ll only be able to see the updated performance next year since the upgrades can’t be adapted to fit the present W14 version.

“I think they’re beavering away back at the factory in Brackley furiously and they probably have a title contender in their back pocket.

“They just can’t use it this year because it won’t fit on this particular car, so it won’t be until next year when we’ll see that.”

Speaking on the matter, Hill told Sky Sports News: “Wolff too has hinted that the team is applying full throttle to the W15’s development.”

“The direction our team is developing is really quite interesting. We see opportunities and we are not shying away [from anything]. We are leaving no stone unturned, and looking at every single concept that we’ve seen on other cars.

“That is whether that’s powerful or not and whether it’s of any use for us, without letting ourselves be distracted from the way we operate, and the way we analyse. We are going to come up good.”

He said: “Hill’s comment suggests he has inside information about something nice brewing in the Mercedes workshop, but they’re not letting anything out just yet.”

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