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Pickup Owners Would Rather Give Up Coffee, Drinking And More For Their Truck

If we’re thinking in terms of American sales and pure grit, I think there is one type of car that comes to mind and that is the pickup truck. In America, pickup trucks are loved far and wide with the top two selling cars in the whole USA being pick ups (1. Ford F-Series, 2. Ram 1500, 2500, 3500).

In terms of Ford, this week things are going to get get a whole lot better with Ford as they prepare to announce the 2021 Ford F-150, set for 25th of June.

Ford have been busy leading up to the reveal and have recently commissioned Penn Schoen Berland to survey 2,000 American truck enthusiasts to find out more about what makes them tick and why there is such a strong community behind it.

A lot can be gleamed by the survey including 54% of the sample were male (not unsurprising) and that 38% of those surveyed owned a Ford pickup truck. They were also quizzed on some more unlikely question such as which of life’s pleasures would you give up for your pickup and the results were very interesting.

First up were streaming services which were the first out of the pickup fans window with a massive score of 82%. Second up was drinking alcohol at 79% and third place was coffee at 72%. It seems that truck enthusiasts are quite a lively bunch as only 38% said they would give up sex for the their truck, can’t say I’m surprised to be honest.

Going back to what I mentioned about pick up trucks being a tight knit and serious community, I’d challenge you to find another motoring community of which 79% of people would give up alcohol for their car.

The full results of The Great American Truck Survey 2020 on Ford’s website.

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