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Mercedes’ Wolff Eager for Turnaround in Saudi Arabian GP After Bahrain Disappointment

Following a challenging Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff has expressed both disappointment and optimism as the team prepares for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, determined to learn and adapt. Despite setbacks, Wolff remains hopeful for improved performance in Jeddah.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mercedes’ performance in Bahrain was marred by cooling issues affecting tyre temperatures, as acknowledged by Toto Wolff.
  • Drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell faced technical difficulties, including energy recovery and potential engine overheating issues, impacting their race outcomes.
  • Toto Wolff looks towards the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix with optimism, seeing it as a crucial learning opportunity for Mercedes with their new car, and is also excited about Mercedes’ involvement in the F1 Academy debut in Saudi Arabia.

In a candid reflection on the Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff labeled the team’s showing as “underwhelming”, acknowledging the unexpected challenges they faced during the race weekend. Despite high hopes rooted in promising practice and qualifying sessions, the team encountered a series of setbacks that significantly affected their strategy and performance.

“Our race in Bahrain was best described as underwhelming. We were hopeful of a stronger showing after our performance in practice and qualifying,” Wolff stated in a press release from the team. He went on to detail the issues faced: “Both drivers were pleased with the balance earlier in the weekend, and the more stable platform provided by the W15. Unfortunately on Saturday evening, our cooling performance didn’t match our predictions. That forced us into management mode early on, which had the knock-on impact of reducing tyre temperatures below optimum. That cost us the opportunity to show something closer to our true potential. It was a frustrating way to start the season but one we will learn from.”

Lewis Hamilton’s race was compromised by energy recovery issues, which became evident by lap 17, causing a temporary setback in his performance due to battery depletion. George Russell also reported problems, including a potential engine overheating issue that saw him overtaken by Sainz on lap 18. Adding to the complications, Hamilton experienced a broken seat by lap 25, further demonstrating the array of technical difficulties Mercedes had to contend with.

Despite these challenges, Wolff remains positive about the upcoming race in Jeddah. “We’ve got an opportunity to take a step forward immediately. Jeddah is a street track with a lot of high-speed content. It will be good to continue our learning with the new car on a very different circuit to Bahrain. We will be aiming for a more consistent weekend and to understand our true performance relative to the rest of the grid.”

Mercedes is not only focusing on their performance in the upcoming Grand Prix but is also excited about their participation in the F1 Academy’s inaugural event in Saudi Arabia. Wolff concluded, “It will also be great to see F1 Academy on the support bill in Saudi Arabia for their opening round. For the first time, we will be involved as a team. We’re excited to watch our junior driver Doriane Pin in action and look forward to supporting the championship across the year.” This holistic approach signals Mercedes’ commitment not just to immediate race success but to long-term development and involvement in the sport.

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