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Psycho Bunny Accelerates into Motorsport with Will Buxton as Brand Ambassador

Psycho Bunny has announced its partnership with famed motorsport journalist Will Buxton, marking a significant step into the world of motorsport. The alliance promises to blend fashion and racing, with the exciting prospect of Psycho Bunny Racing debuting in 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • Psycho Bunny, a prominent menswear brand, has teamed up with renowned broadcast journalist and author Will Buxton, enhancing its footprint in the motorsport arena.
  • Buxton brings over twenty years of motorsport expertise to the table, contributing significantly to the sport and popular culture, including his involvement in Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’.
  • The partnership will see the launch of Psycho Bunny Racing in 2024, capitalizing on Buxton’s extensive knowledge and following his journey in motorsport, reflecting the brand’s ethos of positivity and dynamic energy.

Psycho Bunny, a leader in men’s fashion, has ventured into new territory by partnering with Will Buxton, a celebrated figure in motorsport journalism, as its international Brand Ambassador. This collaboration, officially unveiled in Montreal, Canada, on November 6, 2023, signifies Psycho Bunny’s bold move into the adrenaline-fueled world of motorsport.

Will Buxton’s distinguished career in motorsport journalism spans over two decades, covering an impressive array of over 300 Grands Prix and 600 races globally. His impact on the sport goes beyond journalism, extending to a broader cultural sphere. This is evidenced by his best-selling book, ‘My Greatest Defeat: Stories of Hardship and Hope from Motor Racing’s Finest Heroes’, and his prominent role in the popular Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’.

In his statement, Buxton expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership:

“Reporting on motorsport and being involved for as long as I have in the sport that I love is an absolute privilege, especially when I see how massively motor racing has developed and how globally popular it has become since my early days,” he said.

“Joining forces with Psycho Bunny, a world-renowned fashion label leaping into the fast-paced world of motorsport, is absolutely thrilling! They’re a brand that’s all about optimism as reflected through their vibrant colors, yet they also sit within an elegant and elevated space. They have such a positive energy and bring something completely different to the table, which is why I’m excited to work with them.”

Bertrand Cesvet, co-founder of Psycho Bunny, shared Buxton’s excitement, emphasizing the alignment of the brand’s values with Buxton’s dynamic persona. Cesvet also hinted at the future launch of Psycho Bunny Racing, slated for the 2024 season.

“Psycho Bunny places the same importance as Will does on optimism and drive—we live life to the fullest in everything we do, every day. Our core values just align.

“His passion for motorsport and his vibrant personality, which plays such a big part in the successful career he’s created, is inspirational. He shows up every day—and that’s exactly what Psycho Bunny is all about,” Cesvet commented.

“The motorsport space is something we’ve been targeting for a while and now, since Will is coming onboard with his lexicon-like knowledge, we’ll be looking to introduce Psycho Bunny Racing in time for the 2024 season. Watch this space.”

This partnership heralds an exciting era for both Psycho Bunny and motorsport, blending the worlds of fashion and racing in a way that promises to captivate fans and enthusiasts alike.

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