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Red Bull’s RB17: A Milestone in Track Sportscar Evolution, Designed by Adrian Newey

Red Bull Racing CEO Christian Horner has revealed exciting details about the RB17, the brand’s first track sportscar designed by Adrian Newey. The vehicle, set to debut in 2024, reflects Newey’s unparalleled design expertise and Red Bull’s technological advancement in the automotive industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adrian Newey’s Role and the RB17 Design: Christian Horner highlighted Adrian Newey’s significant impact on Red Bull’s team, his mentorship to the technical team, and his direct involvement in designing the RB17. This sportscar is a showcase of Newey’s transition from Formula 1 to high-performance vehicle design.
  • RB17 Specifications and Production: The RB17, developed by Red Bull Advanced Technologies, is a 1250bhp V8 hypercar designed for track-day use. Horner mentioned the possibility of this closed-roof vehicle becoming road legal. Only 50 units are being produced, with most already reserved.
  • Background and Evolution of the RB17 Project: The RB17, initially codenamed ‘Eta’, is a significant development in Red Bull’s automotive journey, building on the experience gained from the Aston Martin Valkyrie project. Horner traced the origins of the RB17 back to Newey’s initial interest in 2014 and the team’s collaboration on the Valkyrie.

Christian Horner, in a detailed interview with Sky Sports’ Craig Slater, provided a comprehensive update on the RB17, Red Bull’s first venture into track sportscars, designed by the legendary Adrian Newey. Horner’s words not only illuminate the project’s current status but also underscore Newey’s vital contribution to the Red Bull team.

Horner stated, “Adrian has played a key role in the team over the years and that role has evolved over the last 18 years. What is great, as well, is that we have such great strength in depth in our technical team. Adrian with his wealth of experience is able to mentor and develop that team – as well as designing the RB17 our first ever track sportscar which will be unveiled in 2024.”

The RB17 represents not just a new product but a symbol of Red Bull’s enduring commitment to innovation and excellence in high-performance vehicles. With Newey’s design prowess, the RB17 is expected to be a remarkable blend of technological advancement and aesthetic appeal. Horner described the vehicle as “Adrian Newey unleashed,” a nod to the designer’s ability to work without the usual constraints of Formula 1 or road car regulations.

Horner also delved into the background of the RB17 project, reflecting on the learnings from the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the evolution of the RB17. He acknowledged the Valkyrie’s influence and the significance of continuous learning in both Formula 1 and advanced automotive technologies.

Horner further explained, “Valkyrie is a stunning vehicle and I’m sure it will be a great success, but you’re always learning, whether in Formula 1 or on the advanced technologies side. [RBAT] has now existed for close to eight years and there’s an awful lot of knowledge that has been built up in that time. With the budget cap era [in F1], if you want to retain resources there have to be projects that can justify their existence. This is a perfect project utilizing the skill sets that we have, so it will complement our Formula 1 activities rather than distract from them.”

The RB17 project, thus, is not just a new chapter in Red Bull’s racing legacy but also a testament to the brand’s adaptive and forward-thinking approach in the world of high-performance automotive design. With its limited production run and unique design elements, the RB17 is set to be a hallmark of innovation and a collector’s item for automobile enthusiasts around the globe.

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