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Red Bull’s Spectacular Las Vegas Livery: A Fan-Powered Formula 1 Masterpiece

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez Unveil Unique Fan-Designed Livery for Inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix

For the final hurrah of this thrilling Formula 1 season, Red Bull Racing has unveiled its sensational fan-designed Las Vegas livery, a culmination of the exhilarating Make Your Mark competition. This unique initiative gave ardent Formula 1 enthusiasts the unprecedented opportunity to craft their dream livery, a canvas upon which the RB19s of the formidable Max Verstappen and the adept Sergio Perez now proudly display the vibrant colors of Las Vegas, as they prepare for the inaugural Grand Prix on the iconic American racing circuit.

The anticipation surrounding this innovative fan-driven endeavor has been palpable since the RB19’s preseason launch, where Red Bull Racing set the stage by announcing its ambitious plans to grant fans the creative reins for the livery of their cars at three American races. The journey commenced in the sizzling Miami heat in May and, after an exciting ride, finds its crescendo in Austin in the crisp October air.

This unprecedented fan engagement strategy has not only allowed Formula 1 aficionados to deepen their connection with the sport but has also showcased the team’s commitment to fostering a sense of ownership and participation within its passionate community. The result is a captivating Las Vegas livery that not only pays homage to the rich and colorful history of the city but also embodies the relentless spirit and ambition of Red Bull Racing.

Lindsay Palmer, hailing from Essex in the United Kingdom, emerged triumphant as her exceptional design was chosen from a vast pool of thousands of entries. Her masterpiece features a captivating purple base adorned with dynamic neon lights in shades of purple and yellow seamlessly weaving through the bodywork. This design promises to make a striking statement as the RB19s race under the radiant and bustling Las Vegas lights this weekend. Overflowing with excitement, Palmer shared her feelings as she gazed upon her creation proudly showcased along the iconic Strip, conveying to the media:

“I was so excited to be selected as the winner for Make Your Mark Las Vegas and was completely lost for words when I won.

“When thinking about what represents Vegas, the first thing that came to mind were the casinos and the bright lights, so I knew this had to be incorporated in my design.

“I wanted the style to emulate the cars whizzing past the neon lights and I had to make sure playing cards were added too. When I visited the factory, it was amazing seeing the livery come to life and the creation process.

“I am so excited to go to the race, I have never been to Vegas before and the fact that I can see my car come to life under the iconic Las Vegas lights will be an incredible experience. I cannot wait to see it on track.”

In keeping with the Strip’s vibrant theme, the RB19’s wheels harmoniously embrace the essence of the iconic location. Notably, the inclusion of the PokerStars ‘Poker Chip’ design accentuates the car’s aesthetics with its striking black, red, and white hues. This unique design conjures the unmistakable appearance and texture of a poker chip, adorned with the distinctive PokerStars Red Spade. Christian Horner, the Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, enthusiastically chimed in:

“It is brilliant to be rounding off our third and final Make Your Mark competition this season here in Nevada for the inaugural Las Vegas GP. 

“It is such a unique way to bring fans into the heart of the team, giving them the opportunity to design and vote for our Las Vegas livery through our free loyalty programme, The Paddock.

“We have revealed a fan-designed livery at every US race this year and each design has well and truly delivered; it was quite the task picking a winner. Congratulations to Lindsay, who really put Vegas’ iconic stamp on the design, capturing the energy and excitement of both the city and the team. Very much looking forward to seeing it racing around the streets of Las Vegas.

“From what I have seen on the sim though, that long straight is an incredibly fast one, so you are going to have to keep a close eye on things as the cars fly past under the bright lights of The Strip. It is going to be a special race made even more special by celebrating with a fan-designed livery as we head into the final US race of the season.”

As the RB19s, piloted by Verstappen and Perez, take to the track in Las Vegas, they will not only be racing for victory but also carrying the dreams and aspirations of fans who contributed to the creation of this striking livery. It’s a reminder that in Formula 1, the thrill of the race extends far beyond the confines of the racetrack, transcending boundaries to unite fans and drivers in a shared passion for speed, skill, and innovation.

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