This Is How You Film A Car Show Like The Grand Tour

Have you ever wondered how they get such flawless clips on shows like The Grand Tour and Top Gear? It must be difficult to keep up with Clarkson, Hammond and May when they’re powering over sand dunes in three dune buggies. Not without the right equipment, though!

Top Gear America let us in on the secret. In the video below, they show us their two chase cars. A 580hp Cadillac CTS-V Wagon, and a off-road buggy with 650hp sat in the rear. Their power means they’re capable enough to match most cars on the road (and off), and their gyro-stabilised arms mean the recordings are fluid and smooth.

How much do these cost? Judging from the video, at least a quarter of a million dollars, each!

But judging from the quality of the filming, and the budget that shows like these get, it’s well worth the pennies!

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