Richard Hammond Admits His Wife Won’t Be Happy After Latest Episode

Richard Hammond has revealed that his wife Mindy may not be so happy with the filming of the latest episode of The Grand tour which was shown to be incredibly dangerous.

As Richard Hammond, alongside Jeremy Clarkson and James May, boated through Cambodia and Vietnam, he developed an infection in his leg due to being in dirty water constantly clearing out the props of his boat. The infection turned out to be bacterial skin infection cellulitis, and with the episode out and media attention rolling in, he admitted that his wife isn’t going to be overly happy, especially after his crashes in the previous seasons.

He told Female First:

‘The truth is my wife will probably be a bit miffed when she sees this film as I have promised her not to put myself into dangerous situations any more after the two big crashes I had,’ Richard said.

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‘Clearly, this was a moment when I may have broken that code, but she is used to me at this stage. She is incredibly patient with me.’

‘It was pretty frightening in the final scenes of this film and we didn’t put that on, of course now,’ Richard added. ‘We don’t hide anything and I said afterwards that it was one of the three worst things I’ve done in my life.’

Mindy Hammond has recently talked about her husband’s adventuring which has often led him to danger, explaining how he was on his last strike after the Swiss Hill Climb crash in the now famous Rimac Concept One. We hope he keeps out of trouble for the next episode coming later next year.

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