Richard Hammond’s Big, But Brief, Milestone

Anyone who has ever owned a car for a long period of time knows that eventually, whether you like the car or not, you develop a bond with it. You don’t even need to be a car person; once you’ve spent a good amount of time with your car, you’ll know it as well as any of your family members.

In this video posted on Richard’s Tribe (Hammond’s Fob Jockeys), Richard celebrates a momentous milestone in his Porsche 911’s life: hitting 55,555 miles.

Click to see video!

What, you didn’t know that was a big milestone in the automotive world? Yeah…neither did I.

I don’t want to poke fun at Richard’s enthusiasm, though. With some tricky camera work by Mindy and a variety of party supplies, Richard had himself a little party in the car. Then, as soon as it began, it was over. I guess that’s what happens to the mileage when you’re in a moving car.


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