Freddie Flintoff Calls Out Jeremy Clarkson In Latest Top Gear Episode

The first episode of Series 28 of Top Gear aired last night on BBC2, and it’s safe to say that it was welcomed back to the screen with open arms. Since then, it’s received gleaming reviews thanks to the on-screen chemistry of Chris Harris, Freddie Flintoff, and Paddy McGuinness, and the brilliant ideas that ran through the episode. It was hilarious, but the ending of the show left us with mouths wide open and our hearts in our mouths.

Spoilers ahead

After the main adventure of the show ends and the three presenters return to base, they look back at what happened over the episode, specifically, the review of the Ariel Atom 4. Take a quick look at what happened when Chris Harris pummeled the Atom at Dunsfold.

The car, thanks to a tuned Honda Civic Type R powertrain, manages 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds. But the presenters think they could do better on more of a budget. So, Freddie takes a seat in a car attached to a bungee cord over the side of a dam, and before long he’s pelting down in a freefall. But before the fall while he hung, he called out Jeremy Clarkson. With fear written all over his face, he remarks, “I’d like to see Jeremy Clarkson do this!”

The chain holding the car on the platform releases, but it doesn’t move. With a puzzled look, Harris asks over the radio if he’s released the handbrake. Looking down, Freddie spots the engaged handbrake and without a thought releases it, making the car fall at a severe pace.

I must say, with Clarkson-era Top Gear fans complaining that they’re just copying challenges that have already been done, this blows almost everything out of the water. I haven’t enjoyed a Top Gear (or Grand Tour) episode this much in a long time, and this adrenaline-filled ending was just the cherry on top.

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