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Clarkson’s Farm Season Two Release Date Revealed In Cryptic Post

Prime Video and Jeremy Clarkson have revealed the release date for the second season of Clarkson’s Farm.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the second series of the hit farming show and it had previously been confirmed that the show would be released between January and March 2023. Prime Video have shared a cryptic post to Instagram as well as Clarkson. The post has multiple photos with a ‘hidden message’ in them. The photos were captioned:

“Clarkson’s Farm fans! We’ve got a surprise for ewe.”
“Jeremy has lost 10 acres of crops in his first year of farming,”

“Kaleb gets his hair cut in February,”

“It can take 2023 hours for a potato to grow.”

“Charlie’s favourite season is spring.”

“Jeremy had two painful sheep encounters in Season one.”


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Clarkson’s co-star Kaleb Cooper then confirmed the release date in the comments by saying “Roll on 10th of Feb”. So now the countdown starts.

We expect to see many of the familiar faces we grew to love in the first season. Dan Grabiner, Amazon Studios’ head of UK Originals, spoke at the Edinburgh Film Festival in August about what fans could expect from the second series. He said:

“We’re just going into the edit now and it’s looking very good. More Kaleb Cooper, more Gerald. You can understand a little bit more of Gerald this time. I think maybe every season, you’ll understand a few more words of Gerald. It’s going very, very well. And also it’s just great to see someone like Kaleb, he had never been on television before.

“He’s an authentic – he was the tractor driver who happened to work nearby the farm. And I think it just shows you that new talent, particularly that sort of expert, authentic talent can just explode with the right vehicle and the right approach to the show. So I think observing his rise has been really an exciting part of that show.”

If we are right, the second series of Clarkson’s Farm will be released to Prime Video on 10th February 2023.

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