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Clarkson’s Farm Fans React To News Of Release Date: “Best TV Show Is Back”

It was announced yesterday that the second season of Clarkson’s Farm will be released on Prime Video on 10th February 2023 and fans are already counting down the days.

Prime Video posted to Instagram along with Jeremy Clarkson with multiple photos and clues in the captions to read out that it would be the 10th of Feb.


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Commenting on the announcement post, one fan wrote:

“And this was the Christmas present of the year!!!! Yayyyy”

Another wrote:

“Theee best TV show is back”

As well as a number of fans, The Grand Tour, Prime Video, and Kaleb Cooper were getting involved in the comments as well.

Kaleb commented “Roll on 10th of feb”. Whereas, The Grand Tour admin wrote with a little pun: “we’ve herd this season is pretty good… ”

In a later post, Prime Video wrote: “Did you work out the announcement date? only 64 days to go!!”


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The Grand Tour and Prime Video were getting their puns out again in the comments, with The Grand Tour commenting “that announcement deserved a round of ap-plough-se” and Prime Video wrote “no pain no grain”.

Many fans were originally hoping for a pre-Christmas release but it was then recently revealed that it was expected to be released between January and March 2023 before the exact date was confirmed. One fan commented saying:

“I was really hoping for a Christmas Eve release so we’d have something brilliant to watch Christmas Day”

Another fan commented about the return of Gerald Cooper who quickly became a fan favourite in the first series for the hilarious way no one knew what he was saying.

“Excited for Gerald’s big return”

As well as Gerald and Kaleb, we are set to also see the return of Clarkson’s partner Lisa Hogan and ‘Cheerful Charlie’ [Ireland].

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