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Jeremy Clarkson Watches As Kaleb Cooper Injure Himself in Clarkson’s Farm Season 3 Teaser – ‘Sh*t!’

In a shocking moment caught during the filming of Clarkson’s Farm Season 3, Kaleb Cooper was involved in a distressing accident with farm machinery. The incident, previewed in the new season’s trailer, shows Jeremy Clarkson exclaiming in alarm as the events unfold.

Clarkson’s Farm, a reality TV hit on Prime Video, returns with its third season splitting its episodes into two parts, with the initial four premiering on May 3 and the remaining four on May 10. Exclusive to Prime Video, the show continues to draw viewers into the agricultural challenges and peculiar escapades at Diddly Squat Farm, owned by the former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm reveals more than just the daily grind of agricultural life; it brings to light some serious adversities faced by Jeremy and his team. The farm’s crops have suffered due to extreme weather conditions while skyrocketing inflation has inflated the costs of essential supplies. Jeremy’s plans for establishing a farm restaurant have hit a snag, bringing additional financial strains that threaten even the farm shop’s existence.

In these trying times, Jeremy is charting new territories by leveraging underutilized parts of his land. Approximately 50% of the farm’s area, mainly comprised of thick woodlands and hedgerows, has been earmarked for innovative agricultural endeavors. Jeremy’s new strategy introduces a blend of traditional and unconventional farming methods, including the rearing of animals like goats and pigs, alongside the cultivation of mushrooms, nettles, and deer.


This expletive slips from Jeremy as he witnesses Kaleb Cooper’s mishap. The trailer captures a harrowing moment where Kaleb appears to stumble and become momentarily entangled with some harnessing equipment. Jeremy and Lisa Hogan rush to his aid as medical personnel attend to the young farmer who seems to be in considerable distress.

Following the incident, Jeremy makes a tongue-in-cheek commentary regarding farm safety measures, suggesting an overhaul is needed.

“We’ve gotta get rid of all health and safety equipment off the farm. It’s truly injuring people.”

While the focus is clearly on the new challenges and strategic shifts at Diddly Squat Farm, the show also hints at new personalities joining the fray, potentially shaking up dynamics with familiar faces like Kaleb.

Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm not only promises more of Clarkson’s unique blend of humor and agricultural experimentation but also offers a raw look into the trials and resiliencies of farm life. Alongside the entertainment, the series underlines the harsh realities faced by modern-day farmers.

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