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Lisa Hogan Apologizes to Jeremy Clarkson For Being Selfish

Lisa Hogan has shared an update from Clarkson’s Farm in the Cotswolds. She posted a video on her Instagram account to show how the weather had been affecting the growth of raspberries which need ample sunlight to ripen. She also apologizes to Jeremy Clarkson in the video for being a bit selfish.

Lisa showed the lovely red raspberries in her video but not all of them had ripened enough to be eaten. The one that was fit and juicy was picked by her. She describes the weather to be lovely but due to a lack of sunlight in the past few days, the raspberries haven’t been ripening at the rate at which they should.

Forgetting about Clarkson, Lisa picks the juiciest and the reddest raspberry to eat. She said:

“That one’s perfect, Oh, look at that, that’s mine. That’s disappearing immediately.”

She is then heard munching on the sweet snack and as she enjoys her indulgence, she realizes that there would be none to take back for her boyfriend. She then apologizes to him while relishing the fruit:

“Sorry, Jeremy. It was going to be for you, oops.”

Before the update on raspberries, Lisa shared an update about the potato crops on the farm that were harvesting nicely. The vegetable was responsible for making sales of around £1000 a day in the farm shop when it first opened.

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