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Clarkson’s Farm: Council Inundated With Complaints After Jeremy Clarkson Drama

Fans have gone mad at the West Oxford District Council after watching the second season of Clarkson’s Farm. These new episodes follow Jeremy Clarkson as he fights against the “disgraceful” council as he tried to diversify his farming revenue.

This was documented well through the second series, with episode 5 being a real eye-opener for fans. And now, in retaliation, they’ve inundated the council with complaints about their behaviour.

On a recent, unrelated tweet from the council, they received several complaints from fans of the Prime Video show.

“Disgraceful sham of a council,” one tweet reads.

A second added: “You lot are an embarrassment! Absolutely disgraceful!!”

A third really rings out: “Shame on you for sentencing several farms to bankruptcy.”

There has been no response from the council, but the complaints to the council keep on coming.

Our personal favourite….

Want to add your bit? You can find them here. Say your piece and maybe they’ll stop harming the livelihoods of local farmers.

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