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Former Top Gear Host Chris Evans Nearly Dies In Barbados

It seems even now Chris Evans simply can’t catch a break. The former Top Gear UK host is reported to have had serious medical issues while on vacation, ironically in the location of this week’s newest The Grand Tour episode, Barbados, over the Christmas holiday.

This week Evans told BBC radio listeners that he “nearly pegged it”, or died, for those of us unfamiliar with the nomenclature. This dangerous situation was due to a serious upper airways infection which included his ears, nose, and throat, alongside a body temperature that soared up to 41C( 105.8F).

Chris was also quoted as saying “At one point I thought, ‘Do you know what? I’ve got a lovely life and love my family to death but do you know… I feel so ill at the moment.’ It was nearly curtains for me.”

He went on to say, “He (the doctor) was quite amazed when the thermometer showed that lava-like temperature reading of 106[F]. Immediately he gave me a shot of something rather lively in my gluteus maximus plus three oral medicines that I had to take at various intervals in the day, whilst avoiding grapefruit. Go figure.”

According to the Daily Mail’s resident health expert, Dr. Fiona McAndrew, “he might have been suffering from mycoplasma pneumonia, a slightly milder form of the illness.”

It’s clear from these pictures (from another recent vacation of Evans in the area) that last year wasn’t all bad for the much-maligned host, which is good news since the last year has been quite rough for Evans. With dramatic losses in his radio listeners as well as leaving Top Gear, Chris of all people certainly needed a vacation.

So will 2017 be any kinder to Chris Evans, or for that matter to Top Gear? With the latest trailer being reviewed less than enthusiastically, what’s to come for the show is still up in the air but it doesn’t look promising.We’re sure Evans and the BBC both have their fingers crossed.


Photo Source: Daily Mail

Story Source: The Week



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  1. Yeah, the guy who, not long ago, bought a California for more than €7 million “just can’t catch a break”

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