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Clarkson’s Farm Series 2: Kaleb Cooper Gives Fans First Look At Jeremy Clarkson’s Farming Show

Kaleb Cooper, the beloved farming sidekick (or manager as he should be known), of Jeremy Clarkson, has given fans their first proper look into Series 2 of Clarkson’s Farm in a recent Instagram post. Fortunately, through a number of photos, we can see that our favourite members of Diddly Squat Farm will return.

Clarkson’s Farm shows the gritty reality of owning and growing a farming business as we follow Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper, and a host of other people working on and around Diddly Squat Farm. Fighting against the council, government processes, and the basic difficulties of farming, The Grand Tour presenter and his accomplices had treated fans to a funny, but informative show. And last year its second series was confirmed.

Now, Kaleb has posted a number of photos to Instagram to tease the series more.

Judging from the photos we can see that Kaleb is still an integral part of the show, and he’ll be joined yet again by Cheerful Charlie the land agent, Lisa Hogan, and Gerald Cooper.

The post garnered a lot of popularity with the official Amazon Prime account commenting:

“You sure know how to travel in style.”

Radio 1 presenter Greg James even weighs in, joking about the poor quality of the photos:

“Were these photos taken on one of Jeremy’s rotten potatoes?”

Fans are incredibly excited to get their eyes on the second series of the hit farming show, and we’re feeling exactly the same way here at GTN.

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