The Grand Tour

How The Grand Tour Affected Amazon’s Business is Amazing

Good news from Amazon. Apart from a satisfying uptick in sales of about 22 percent, Amazon announced The Grand Tour been a huge success. This actually doesn’t come as a big surprise, as the company has praised the show before. But the success of the show will open doors for more than the anticipated two seasons to come. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at Amazons most recent earnings call.

The Grand Tour: Biggest Show Premiere ever

For Amazon their thrust into the video-streaming market has proved successful. As Prime Video is so far available in over 200 countries, the audience for Amazon Original Series grows steadily and allows for much more investment, financially and otherwise. In their latest earnings call, Amazon states that they have “tens of millions of new paid members” who joined over the course of 2016. In this context, Amazon disclosed the following facts:

  • The use of Prime digital benefits used by Amazon Prime members more than doubled in comparison to 2016
  • The Grand Tour is currently available in over 200 countries via Amazon Prime
  • The debut episode of The Grand Tour “was the biggest show premiere ever on Prime Video”. Reportedly millions of members streamed the shows premiere worldwide
  • Amazon is expecting net sales between $33.25 billion and $35.75 billion, meaning a growth of 14 to 23 percent compared to 2016

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You can find the financial results for 2016 on the Amazon website. For other news and articles regarding The Grand Tour, please visit our main site.

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  1. I had let my prime membership lapse for at least a year closer to two.. I found that I didn’t need two day shipping where I live especially since it takes them four.. then came the grand tour.. so now that I had to pay the 99.00 to watch the guys I’ve also been buying more crap from them again.. either way The Grand Tour is the #1 reason Amazon still has my buisness. Cheers

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