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James May Returns to the BBC with The Reassembler

With all the talk about James May leaving the Grand Tour in 5 years or the ridiculous reports of him not being friends with Clarkson or Hammond, there is a show that fits his personality and interests that could entice him to leave The Grand Tour one day – The Reassembler.

The show is basically what it sounds like. Captain Slow takes his time taking apart different types of machines, only to put them back together again. The BBC decided to pick up a second season of this show and it just premiered this week.

Personally, I love this kind of stuff, since I was that kid who would take apart my toys and try to rebuild them, which led to taking apart my car and then rebuilding them.

Watching someone build a model train from the bolt up sounds like something normally saved for some sort of of punishment, but not with May. As we saw in the brilliant piece of story telling of the battle between Ford and Ferrari, we know that James May has an amazing skill at telling stories and relieving boredom with blunt honesty.

Take a watch and let us know what you think about the Captain Slow’s first episode.

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