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Jeremy Clarkson Announces Temporary Closure Of Diddly Squat Farm Shop

Fans will be disappointed to find out that Jeremy Clarkson will shut his famous Clarkson’s Farm farm shop on Diddly Squat Farm after an out-of-the-blue announcement on his Instagram account.

Diddly Squat Farm was made famous after Jeremy’s new Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm was released to huge amounts of praise. Its success on camera was reflected in its success in person as fans flooded to Chadlington to visit the farm and potentially see Jeremy. This caused neighbors of the farm and Chadlington village people to complain about the huge amounts of traffic and queuing people, but the positive reviews for Clarkson’s Farm continued to roll in.

Farming life was shown realistically on the show, with Kaleb Cooper helping Jeremy on the farm and Charlie Ireland helping The Grand Tour presenter turn a profit. Fortunately, while the farm was incredibly unsuccessful in regards to profit, the shop has made an adequate turnover under the control of Jeremy’s partner Lisa Hogan.

But while fans have been traveling to the shop from all over Europe, it will be closing over the next two months.

Jeremy posted the sad update to his Instagram account:

“Diddly Squat Farm Shop open 9.30-4pm until December 31.

“Closed January and February.”

The farm shop has been shut over the Christmas holidays, but opened back up as usual on Monday 27, December. It will be shut over New Year’s day and bank holiday, and will not reopen after that.

No reason for shutting has been given as of yet.

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