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Jeremy Clarkson Could Be Bringing ‘Clarkson’s Crisps’ To His Farm Shop

Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop is full of produce from the Oxfordshire area. A lot of the products sold in the store are obviously from Clarkson’s Farm itself, including the now-famous Bee Juice and Bollocks Candles. And now according to Twitter, The Grand Tour presenter is looking to start making a new product: Clarkson’s Crisps.

As you could see during Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy was able to grow plenty of potatoes, but a lot of these were wasted at the time due to a mix of alack of customers at the fam and the pandemic. So, it’s no surprise that Clarkson is looking to do something with what doesn’t sell.

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Replying to Clarkson’s thank you to everyone for praising the show, a fan offers the idea of making crisps:

“My other half suggested you should make your own crisps from the potatoes from the farm. Clarkson’s crisps”, they post. “Just an idea.”

Clarkson responds with some exciting news:

“Way ahead of him there. Just need to find a crisp maker to help.”

So if anyone is, or knows a crisp maker… it might be time to get in touch with Jeremy. 

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