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Chadlington Reacts To Popularity After Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Show Booms

It’s no secret that Jeremy Clarkson’s new show, Clarkson’s Farm has hit it off with fans going mad for the comedic documentary. Positive reviews on the show have flooded the internet since its release a few weeks ago on Amazon Prime Video, and now fans have taken to the road to visit Diddly Squat Farm in person.

This, obviously, put the local area Chadlington under great pressure when thousands of fans descended on the town. At one point just after the show’s launch, even the police were called out to oversee the roads. 

Jeremy Clarkson Apologises For Effect ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Has Had On His Local Area After Police Called

Clarkson apologised for this on Twitter soon after. 

“People of Chadlington. I’m truly sorry about the traffic around our farm shop last weekend. We are doing everything we can to improve the situation,” he wrote. 

Viewers of the show questioned the effect this would have on surrounding businesses, and now some business owners have spoken out on the situation.

Butcher Jim Johnson of Slatters in Chadlington admitted that customers were underwhelmed by the products being sold in Diddly Squat Farm Shop:

“It hasn’t been a bad thing. We’re getting the odd person in who’s been and is disappointed in his range because he can only sell things from West Oxfordshire.” 

Jeremy Clarkson stood next to Lisa Hogan

He added that most fans were just going there for a selfie and not to actually buy anything.

“People aren’t coming there to buy, they’re coming to take photographs,” he said. “We had some people who’d come from West Bromwich just to take photographs.”

A volunteer at Chadlington Quality Foods also admitted that footfall around the village has also increased since the show was aired:

“Chadlington Quality Foods is a long established institution with a loyal customer base and a reputation for high quality produce, so in the long run we’re confident of being able to meet any challenge that may come.

“As for the new fame the series has brought to the village – well, we’ve always been very happy with the way that the village presently is, although it has certainly made for interesting times and given us plenty to talk about.”

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Cllr Dean Temple, whose ward covers Chadlington, also said the following on the show:

“I must say it has brought quite the increase in my inbox.

“Obviously advertising a business on national (international?) TV was always going to have a massive response with many, I suspect, coming hoping to meet the stars of the show.”

He adds that things should get back to normal in time:

“Hopefully as the novelty wears off the traffic should decrease and local businesses including the newly reopened Tite Inn should see an uptake in trade as those who have travelled far will want to enjoy more of our lovely part of the Cotswolds.

“I am of course working with all concerned parties to sort out the outstanding issues.”

Diddly Squat Farm is now a tourist attraction next to the likes of Blenheim Palace, so it’ll come as no surprise that the local area will benefit from the increase in people and income. 

Right now, we’re not sure if Clarkson’s Farm will return for Season 2, although our sources have spotted filming happening on the land with Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper seeing to crops and their tractors. 

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