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Jeremy Clarkson Deemed “F***er” By Clarkson’s Farm Promo Company

It’s no secret that Jeremy Clarkson has been one of the most controversial people currently on TV. And for this reason, he’s made quite a few enemies, including well-known presenter and personality Piers Morgan. For this reason, when you see Clarkson being described as a “F***er” in promotional content for Clarkson’s Farm, including the asterisks, your mind goes to one thing.

But of course, this isn’t Clarkson dropping the F-Bomb, it’s obviously “farmer” after The Grand Tour presenter began running his own farm over a year ago on land close to his property. To advertise this new show, the company that’s promoting the show will be spreading unbranded posters across the UK, the Netherlands and Nordic region. 

On top of this, Clarkson will be included in an animation where he’ll be crowned with a crown made of carrots and the presenter wading through a salad. Strange…

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Originally this was only targeting the Nordic region, but it was loved so much that it spread to the other areas. 

Paulo Areas, chief creative officer at Forever Beta said: “Clarkson isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so when we heard he’d bought the farm, we knew it could cheer a lot of people up. Inspired by his controversial persona the f***er campaign was born.”

Source: Campaign Live

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