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Jeremy Clarkson Discovers A Huge Issue With His Lamborghini Tractor

Clarkson’s Farm may not be a car show, but that still didn’t stop Jeremy Clarkson from immediately buying a Lamborghini as the show begins. Of course, this Lamborghini R8 isn’t a car, it’s a tractor, and while it’s named after an Audi supercar, it only produces 270 horsepower. Fortunately, this is plenty for farming machinery. In fact, it’s maybe too much.

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As you can now watch on Amazon Prime Video, Clarkson quickly finds a huge issue with the Lamborghini tractor he purchases for his farm after being disappointed with the small examples he first goes to see, including a Saville, which he quickly turns his nose up at. 

“Everything about it is just vast,” he tells the camera. “It weighs ten tonnes!”

For optimal pulling power, the R8 boasts 40 forward gears and 40 reverse gears, and with plenty of power and an all-wheel-drive system, it’s no surprise he took this over the smaller, lower horsepower examples. But as he pulled up to where he planned on storing the behemothic tractor, he realises he’s made a mistake.

The tractor was actually too big to drive into its shed, with the light at the top being mere inches too high. And when his land agent arrives, he also finds out it’s got the wrong hitch, so can’t be used with any of his equipment. 

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As you see later on in the show, he does eventually fit the correct hitch, but then he finds out that it’s too powerful for his equipment and just seems to break almost everything he attaches anyway. Thankfully, his trusty sidekick Kaleb Cooper has his own collection of tractors, so is able to save the day yet again.

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  1. He didn’t look at a Saville tractor!!! It was a dealer plate on a tractor Savilles we’re tractor dealers!

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