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Who Is Gerald Cooper From Clarkson’s Farm? What You Need To Know

Clarkson’s Farm introduced us to not only Jeremy Clarkson’s new farm and his experiences as he attempts to build a business from the ground up, but a number of friends of the presenter who help him as he starts his journey as a farmer. 

We’ve already introduced to to the brilliant Kaleb Cooper who has the backbone to shout at Clarkson, but the humour to make us laugh at the same time. But one character that’s caught the eyes of viewers was Gerald Cooper, Clarkson’s head of security. 

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Who Is Gerald Cooper On Clarkson’s Farm?

While Clarkson is doing his best to take on and learn as much as possible around his farm, he’s unable to do some… or most things. That’s why he’s brought in trusted help such as Kaleb. Gerald Cooper helps Clarkson maintain his walls and fences which keep in his animals like his sheep. He also helps harvest crops on his acres of land with a combine.

According to Clarkson, he’s 70 years old, and had been working for the farmer who used to farm on Clarkson’s land. Now, he happily works with Clarkson.

“I was talked to Gerald, who has done the combining on the farm for 50 years.

“He’s such a character, I knew he’d be great on TV.”

Fans found Jeremy’s reaction to Gerald’s muttering hilarious as he struggled to understand what he was saying throughout the series thanks to his strong accent. A perfect example of this was when Gerald helped Clarkson combine his farm. Gerald drove the combine harvester and was spewing instructions to Clarkson who couldn’t understand a thing, meaning he quickly fell behind and lost a large amount of his crops.

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Gerald Cooper’s Twitter Account

Gerald is lovend by fans so much that a fan account has been built for Gerald. It’s only followed by 21 people at the time of writing, but it hasn’t been around for too long. The bio reads the following:

Fan account for the legend that is Gerald Cooper from Clarkson’s Farm. Available for security work. Can speak two languages. I am not the real Gerald.

It can be found at @GeraldCooperCN.

Fans have also been throwing their love at the man in Twitter posts.

“Watching Clarkson’s Farm …. the stars of the show are Gerald and Caleb …. not a clue what Gerald says, Caleb is the most straight talking man ever.”

“Gerald on Clarkson’s Farm is a complete hero.”

“Loving Clarkson’s Farm so much I am currently binge-watching my way through it. Caleb is the real star of the show and what a character Gerald seems to be. #ClarksonsFarm”

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How He Was Affected By COVID-19

For unknown reasons, Gerald disappeared for a few months in the height of the pandemic, but Clarkson emphasised the fact that Gerald had never missed a harvest, and he didn’t miss this year’s either. 

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  1. Just binge watched Clarkson’s farm on Amazon Prime..We LOVE it!!!! Hoping Gerald, Caleb, everyone will be back and this will be a series!!!!

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