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Jeremy Clarkson Drank 500 Cases Of Wine Over UK’s Lockdown Causing Him To Gain Back Previously Lost Weight

Gaining back the weight he had lost last year, The Grand Tour presenter and host Jeremy Clarkson blames the rose wine he binge drank during the lockdown.

Clarkson reportedly bought “500 cases of rose” when the country announced the lockdown in March and spent the quarantine time “just sitting in and drinking.”

It seems like a fairly nice use of time.

During a fitness kick in 2019, the motoring enthusiast took up cycling and chuck two stones down.

Clarkson admits, “It’s all back on and a little bit more,” describing his body now as a product of his newfound lockdown hobby.

As the second lockdown started, he said he had tried to use a “strategy” to his lock-down regimen of the first quarantine sessions, but he couldn’t pledge to scale it down.

Jeremy Clarkson, 60, began cycling in 2018 during his “Gap Year to Indochina,” where he rode 3 km a day.

He claimed last year that he earnt his regular dosage of wine by riding his bike and lost an incredible amount of weight before shooting in Madagascar for the Grand Tour Special, which airs on December 18.

This year, owing to lockdown constraints, he was unable to keep up with the same amount of cycling and drinking was easier to maintain, even though he was successful at making his self physically busy Cotswolds property, Diddly Squat.

“There’s plenty to do on the farm,” he notes, which cameras have been rolling. Clarkson was busy filming his farm show on the property.

The Grand Tour presents: A Massive Hunt will be released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, December 18th.

Grand Tour host James May says that he and long-standing co-presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond became “snooty” at the idea that Top Gear might ever leave his home of BBC 2-after the current trio of hosts boasted that they had been “promoted” by getting a slot in BBC 1.

James claims the former hosts chose not to appear on Beeb’s key channel so they might get away with more.

“We think it’s slightly more esoteric to be on BBC 2,” he notes. “The BBC is sort of like being in a kindergarten.”

May furthers, “The grown-ups have grown up and do things.”

“They probably weren’t watching you quite carefully on BBC 2 as they were on BBC 1— BBC 1 was a family and it had to be in a safe pair of hands, and it had to be inoffensive,” May continued.

“Being on BBC 2 was a bit like sitting at the back in RE at school – you could quietly say ‘b******s’ and see if you could get away with it.”

Admitting a switch to a more family-friendly outlet “may have come up”
during their stay, he states, “We’d always been a little snooty about that.”

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  1. 500 cases with 6 bottles a case = 3000 bottles over 10 months = 10 bottles every day over a prolonged period = dead Jezza.

    … So no.

  2. So, Jeremy drank 24 bottles of wine per day for 8 months? (12 bottles per case) 500 cases, 8 months of lockdown.
    The problem isn’t his weight.
    He’s an alcoholic. Check his liver for cirrhosis and scarring.

  3. He really drank around 300 bottles a month…sure he did. Might want to change your header or you happy with just misleading people…

  4. Stay in good health Mr. C. We need you , Hammond and May around for a long time! Long live GT.

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