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Jeremy Clarkson Furious Over Handing Out “Hundreds” For Covid Tests That No One Checks

After “forking out hundreds of pounds” for Covid tests in order to leave the UK, Clarkson’s Farm presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been left unimpressed when no official verified his documents at the airport. The Grand Tour star said he had departed the country three times since the lockdown ended and never once was he questioned to prove that he had a negative test.

Jeremy has written in anger about the lack of checking in his latest column for The Sun, despite the government hammering the public with rules and regulations that need to be adhered to when leaving and entering the country.

He began sarcastically, joking that the public shouldn’t worry about the what the government has said to do before going on holiday:

“This week, there were lots of exciting new rules about what sort of Covid tests you need to take when you’re travelling abroad, and where you can go, and what forms you’ll need to complete.

“But you needn’t worry about any of them.

“In the past six months, I’ve been out of the country three times, to Portugal to watch the Champions League final, and to Croatia and Italy for holidays.”

He continued:

“On each occasion, I’ve done the right thing.

“I forked out hundreds of pounds for tests. I filled in a million questionnaires. I downloaded apps.

“And I shoved countless prongs so far up my nose, I collected a tiny bit of brain matter, and so far down my throat I felt like Linda Lovelace.”

The government’s official website offers the current Covid travel advise, which contains information for all countries you will visit or pass through, as well as links to schedule any examinations you’ll need to enter those nations.

This resource also offers assistance on how to get your NHS Covid Pass to verify your immunization status abroad and what you’ll need to do when you return to England.

Despite following all of the regulations, he was not required to demonstrate that he was free of the virus upon his return to the United Kingdom.

“Not once, when leaving the country or getting back, did anyone stop me to check,” he questioned.

Only days ago, Jeremy was awarded 2021’s Farming Champion of the Year by the National Farmers Union. He sent the company an acceptance speech saying the following:

“It feels really weird. I’ve never even been nominated for a Bafta in 30 years of being on television. And now I don’t want a Bafta anymore.

“I’ve achieved everything! This is great, honestly. I’m so glad so many people enjoyed the show.”

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