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Jeremy Clarkson Responds To “Deluded Fool” After Uneducated Social Media Post On Farming

Clarkson’s Farm has done great things for the farming community as Jeremy Clarkson aims to educate viewers on the realism behind farming. The Amazon Prime show has become one of Jeremy’s most highly praised projects, even ahead of The Grand Tour itself, and new love and respect for farming have now spread across the UK and America.  

But there are obviously still people who don’t understand how difficult, time-consuming, and fragile working on a farm can be. Using a mixture of a lot of skill and a lot of luck, farmers try to create the best yield from their crops to not only feed the nation, but to make enough money to feed themselves. And it’s no surprise that after watching Clarkson’s Farm, we know exactly how difficult this can be. 

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A Twitter user asked Jeremy to respond to a social media post about farming. They said: 

“@JeremyClarkson care to respond to this guy on our local Facebook group?

“Mind you he’s had so much hate already such as (watch Jeremy Clarkson’s farm).”

They post an image alongside their tweet saying the following: 

“Why at almost 11pm at night are we still getting tractors up and down the road on belle vue.

“FFS do it during the b****y day.”

Jeremy was quick to respond to this, replying with the following:

“Yeah. Not sure the deluded fool knows much.”

Unsurprisingly when you look at the reach Jeremy receives through his social sites, the original poster of the comments replied. 

“I’m the guy who posted that as a Facebook status,” someone replied, adding that it was an understanding and not a dig at farmers.

“It was a question not a dig at the farmers.

“Remember, all veg matters.”

The reasoning behind farmers harvesting at strange times is simply down to the moisture content of the crop. When it’s harvested at the right moisture content, it delivers a higher quality result. And as we know from watching Clarkson’s Farm, this results in a higher value. 

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Want to know more? Well, watch Clarkson’s Farm!

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