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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Farming Disaster: “It’s Always A Struggle”

It’s safe to say that if you watched Clarkson’s Farm, you’ll know exactly how much – or rather how little – Jeremy Clarkson made from his year of farming. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to be able to create a show around his new business venture to pay for it, alongside other projects such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Grand Tour.

But recently the ex-Top Gear presenter has opened up about a disaster he had on his farm where he lost 10-acres of crops as he got to grips with using insecticides. 

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He said:

 “If you spray neonicotinoids on oil seed rape, which you have to do to stop flea beetles eating it, that hurts the bees. 

“So everybody would say you mustn’t do that. We must not hurt the bees, it’s obvious. 

“However, if you don’t use neonicotinoids your oil seed rape basically dies. I lost about ten acres of it last year.”

The motoring journalist-turned-farmer explains that if he doesn’t spray neonicotinoids – because of its fatal effect on bees – the crops won’t live. And when that happens, he can’t sell any vegetable oil. 

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“[This] means people buy palm oil instead, which of course has a massive effect on orangutans in Sumatra,” Clarkson told Radio Times.

“So then people say you must not hurt the orangutans, so then you can’t have any form of oil. 

“So it’s always a balance, it’s always a struggle, everything you ever do. There is nothing organic on my farm – nothing.”

He continued, assuring his fans that he still doesn’t have a lot of experience on the farm. 

“I’ve only been doing this for about 18 months or two years so I don’t really understand all of it.”

He continues:

“The only way I can work it out is to say to myself that last year we didn’t use [insecticides] and all of it failed. 

“This year it has gone much better, but the pigeons have come in and in massive numbers and they are eating it. They just cannot eat it fast enough.”

He was then asked why he doesn’t just shoot the pigeons, but as we know by his Instagram, he gave it a go. 

“No, you couldn’t keep up. It’s like hoovering water, it’s just never ending. 

“It’s a never ending conveyor belt of pigeons eating the rape.”

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“To be honest we do shoot at a lot of them, but it’s just pointless because there’s a thousand more the next day.”

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 has been confirmed for Amazon Prime and will likely be released a year after the first season. It’ll come as no surprise that we, like many viewers, are very excited to see what happens next. 

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