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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Emily Admits She’s Changed In Emotional Post: “I Was A D**k When I Was Younger”

Emily Clarkson, daughter to Clarkson’s Farm presenter Jeremy Clarkson, has admitted in a recent Instagram post that she used to be “a d**k” hen she was younger thanks to her own securities. But she believes she’s now changed, which she’s thankful for.

“I was a d**k when I was younger because I was insecure and projecting,” Emily told her 200,000+ followers on Instagram. “Can a person change? I didn’t used to think so,” she admitted.

“I heard people say stuff like ‘a leopard can’t change their spots’ and ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’, and I thought, that’s that.

“B****es at school are b****es at work. F**k boys stay f**king. Bullies keep bullying. You are what you are and you’ll stay what you were,” she wrote.

She admits, though, that now she knows people can change, including herself, “I think people change ALL the time and I think it’s the most brilliant thing.”

She jokes, admitting the following: “I thought Taylor Swift was c**p but then I realised I read the Daily Mail too much.”

She also wrote that she didn’t used to want to get married, but now she is engaged to former boy band member Alex Andrew, who she’s been with for nine years. He is often featured on her Instagram account.

Emily and Alex got engaged last year, and dad Clarkson was quick to post about it:

“Today, I delivered 2 sheeps and as my hand was up a vag, my daughter called to say she was getting married. Weird to be so so happy!” he tweeted.

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