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Pilots Plot Revenge After Jeremy Clarkson Comments In Latest Column

Never one to shy away from a fight, The Grand Tour presenter and well known bear-poker Jeremy Clarkson has yet again angered a group of people with his comments.

After saying in his latest column how planes are causing too much noise pollution, furious pilots are planning to ‘buzz’ over Jeremy Clarkson’s Chipping Norton mansion. They’ve taken to the web where they’ve shared coordinates of Clarkson’s home and are putting together plans for squadrons to fly over the house at the legal limit of 500 feet.

Pilots Plot Revenge After Jeremy Clarkson Comments In Latest Column

In his column he explains how this one hobby “ruins life for everyone else,” and that he’s going to take up the hobby of “shooting light aircraft down with a surface-to-air missile”. He also calculated that with the 28,000 people with private pilot licences in the UK, alongside the 21,000 light aircraft owners, was causing 1.3million annual hours of noise pollution.

Pilots Plot Revenge After Jeremy Clarkson Comments In Latest Column
– Clarkson’s estate

These comments weren’t taken in a friendly, off-the-shoulder manner as they should have been, with some pilots even planning to “attempt a manoeuvre known as Practice Forced Landing” on his estate to increase the annoyance felt by Clarkson. One even suggested he would phone the police after Clarkson’s joke about shooting them down with missiles.

To be honest, I completely agree with him. Where I used to live in Stratford-upon-Avon, every Sunday, as I was relaxing with a good drink after a hearty lunch, the silence would be ruined by a pilot circling low over my house. I had plenty of ideas resulting in the destruction of this red plane, but after not fancying the jail time, I ended up grumbling my mates instead. If I had a column back then, I would have certainly raised a point.

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  1. There are these things that exist called maps. In these maps there some areas depicted as AIRPORTS. Before you move into an area look at where the airports and runways are to avoid been annoyed. Be a big boy. Be smart

  2. It seems obvious to me that Mr. Clarkson, along with many other people contributing their opinions here, is not having enough sexual intercourse.

  3. Ohh my god I know right. there needs to be some limit that in places where there are houses, planes should fly above a certain height level, its annoying really.

  4. Could not agree with JC more. We live in Kent. There is little time on any day with reasonable weather that we are overflow by dozens of light aircraft and helicopters.

  5. Dear Jacqui. I’m assuming you’re a young motoring enthusiast still in elementary school. Please show your latest commentary to your English teacher, or approach your parents for assistance on how to properly use punctuation and grammar.

  6. I have to admit I love airplane noise. What would be rather have a noisy expensive car that crashes in value or an airplane which can be had for the same price or less than many new cars . And they maintain their value better , and don’t get caught in traffic jams .

    1. All Jeremy has to do is start laying out naked on his roof and problem solved.
      Nobody wants to fly low enough to see that.

  7. He should just get a small group of 10 yr old and a few dozen drones… a few cases of res bull & let nature take its course

  8. Humm… After enjoying watching the boys for a good number of years I suspect this is a bit of a poke at James May…
    As for calling the police on him, I would use the special number they have set up just to deal with issues such as this, I-(am)-a-real-twit, to report any further transgressions.

  9. Me. Clarkson is busy everywhere besides his home.A world traveler.If you buss his house your going to get the attention of the help is all and might loose your licence.

    1. Buss and loose are spelled wrong and English is my second language.
      Clarkson is great and entertaining unlike most people on TV.
      Pilots of light aircraft are a nuisance.

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