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Remembering When Jeremy Clarkson Smoked Pot On TV

Jeremy Clarkson: Meets the Neighbours, was a BBC series he presented in the same year he, Richard Hammond, and Jason Dawe rebooted Top Gear – 2002. He drove a Jaguar E-Type around Europe, visiting six different countries to discover just how different they are to Britain. There, he compared the stereotypes of the countries to the real thing, while sprinkling the episodes with his usual humour.

It was averagely successful, with each episode within the 2-3m viewer bracket, but for some reason very few people actually know about it. And that’s a shame, because in the second episode of the series where Clarkson visits Belgium and the Netherlands, he not only smuggles drugs across the border, but then continues to light a huge join and smoke it in front of the camera before professing he wants p**nography. It’s hilarious, and I believe we have a moral duty to share with you these snippets of Clarkson history.

Clarkson isn’t the only presenter from Top Gear and The Grand Tour who’s had a history with pot. James May, our favorite Captain of the Slow, also has a connection to it.

In a news segment of Top Gear, the trio discuss how easy it is to drive a bus. James May explains how he’s done it before, and that it’s the easiest thing he’s ever done. His reasoning? Well, you’re not being filmed, you can sit there and have a joint. Watch it yourself in the video below:

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