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Richard Hammond Takes Daughters Off-Roading In a Ford Ranger Raptor In Hilarious Video

With Richard Hammond starting a new show alongside Mythbusters star Tory Belleci on a desert island wth nothing more than a wreckage to pick from, we thought we’d revisit another adventure of Hammond’s from the DriveTribe YouTube.

The Great Escapists will show Hammond and Belleci building weird vehicles, putting together places to sleep and stay safely, and trying to bring a bit of luxury to their lonely island. If only they could bring a Ford Ranger Raptor with them to allow them to cross the island easily.

Hammond took his daughters Willow and Isabella off-roading in 2019 in a Raptor for a video for DriveTribe that focussed on him overcoming his midlife crisis. A previous video showed him taking his wife Mindy off-roading in the car, resulting in a very unhappy wife.

Armed with the American truck, Hammond shows us just how practical it can be despite its racing pedigree. He introduces his two daughters and they set off for some family time. This of course means that they leave Hammond in the car while they go shopping and maintaining constant eye contact with their phones.

On the way back, and after Hammond has played cards, written a poem, and gone mad, he takes a shortcut home. This, inevitably takes the three through a muddy green lane with Hammond describing the car’s off-road performance and generally wreaking havoc. Watch the video below, while it may be a bit biased, it’s certainly a giggler.

We’d love to see Hammond and Belleci behind the wheels of some different cars, but I think we’ll leave the driving to the original Grand Tour trio, Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May, especially as, according to Hammond, they’ve expressed a tiny bit of jealousy towards this new pair.

The Great Escapists will hit Amazon Prime Video on January 29 2021.

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  1. Hammond’s eldest daughter looks a bit like…actually VERY like Lindsay Lohan!! Keep an eye on her Hamster….

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