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Road and Track: Top Gear Season 24 Has The Grand Tour Beat

After the BBC released a new trailer for Top Gear’s upcoming season, the discussion about its potential began. Can the new season without Chris Evans top the first season of The Grand Tour? The car magazine Road & Track says yes. But how did they come up with this perception?

Let’s find out together with the following analysis. You can watch the trailer yourself again down below.

What Road & Track thinks about The Grand Tour

To give a decent opinion about the potential of Top Gear’s next season in comparison to TGT, R&T had to talk about TGT itself first. This is what they had to say:

  • Overall, season one of TGT was “okay”
  • It only had a “few really memorable segments”
  • The show is based too much on script
  • The hosts concentrate too much on acting and aren’t really themselves
  • TGT wasn’t very innovative and missed the chance to create something new

Why Road & Track thinks that Top Gear’s season 24 will be better than TGT’s season one

On the other hand, Road and Track anticipates season 24 of Top Gear to be a big one. Here are they reasons why:

  • Without Chris Evans, the show’s hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid seem to have found some fine chemistry
  • From the trailer, TG’s season 24 looks far more enjoyable and natural than the jokes on The Grand Tour
  • It will probably give the fans the automotive based show they expected from The Grand Tour

What do you think? Is Road & Track going to be right? Will Top Gear season 24 crush The Grand Tour? Or does the argumentation of R&T seem a little bit far fetched, being based on just a trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s Fair to say that TG season was no where near as good as GT season one, so whilst TG season 2 could in fact be better, let’s wait for season 2 GT to make an honest comparison.

  2. Rubbish… Top Gear is Clarkson, Hammond, and May… anything else is utter rubbish!
    TGT is a great show and TG is subpar at best.
    The 3 hosts are what made TG work… now they are on TGT and that is the better show clearly.

  3. Your all smoking Crack pipes, go online to auto enthusiast blogs…… Millions apon Millions…. love The Grand Tour……… if you compare the current Top gear official fan site to TGT…… As well look on BBC news , there is talk of cancelling Topgear.

  4. If the BBC wouldn’t have placed all the restrictions on the grand tour, the show would be far better. Still very good though.

  5. No, it doesn’t look better than the Grand Tour. It looks stupid, but without the annoying Chris.

  6. TGT isn’t perfect, but even on their worst day the chemistry between those three is impossible to recreate. TGT is a good show and still hits it’s notes pretty well. Keep in mind that TGT has only done one season. They were forced to throw out many of the bits they are known for. They had a huge handicap and still pulled off a good show. For some reason people seem to think that they are just going to do the same thing next year. I would highly doubt that. I think they will learn from their mistakes and get better just as TG appears to be trying to do. TGT is likely going to get better in season two.

    Now compare that with TG. Ultimately, it was their first season as well. Except they had everything handed to them. They had a formula that has worked for many many years. With all that, what did they do with it? They screwed it up. It was awful. Now it looks like they might have actually figured out a cast that isn’t eye-rollingly horrible. Congratulations. Maybe they can take the winning formula they inherited and create a semi-watchable show. If they do that, they will have indeed accomplished something… …but it’s a rather lack-luster accomplishment if you ask me.

    All that said, I find it incredibly hard to believe that it will be better than what TGT comes up with in season two. They have a lot more going for them if they can improve on season one.

  7. Nope still not gonna watch this tripe, and will instead slog though the hiatus of the Grand Tour instead.

  8. Top Gear was and will always be Jermey Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Their chemistry and antics are what made TG what it was. No matter what the BBC does, TG will never recover. The Road & Track review of The Grand Tour said that TGT felt scripted? The last season of TG was so scripted and stiff, it was hard to see past it. Season one of TGT was great. More laughs and fun than ever. Sure, Celebrity Brain Crash and Conversation Street are silly (You can tell Clarkson, Hammond & May think that also), but with the threat of lawsuits at the last minute, anyone would be hard pressed to come up with ideas that meshed well with the format. Give it some time. The Grand Tour is the best television program on the air (internet) today and will remain so for very long time.

  9. I like GTN. I think after another season the little annoyances will go. TG has become slightly better overtime, but is a banal Americanised shadow of it’s former self. My only question about GTN is why does it bother mentioning TG. It’s like Coke talking about Pepsi.

  10. I am reluctant to draw any conclusions from this short teaser, beyond the fact it was amusing. I look forward to the Series 24 Premier.

  11. The BBC has hamstrung the boys by refusing to let go of the Stig and let them do celebrity interviews but their chemistry is still light years beyond TG. I’m sure Matt will do a better job than Chris since then at wasn’t set very high by him but he will never approach the boys

  12. I am a huge fan of the old Top Gear, but a lot of the criticism of The Grand Tour are spot on. It is too scripted and it feels fake a lot of the time. However the new TG has not shown they can do any better.

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