The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour: All The Special Episodes Ranked From Worst To Best

International Buffoon’s Vacation

Okay, now we’re getting into the good stuff and an episode that we’d actually want to go back to and watch again. In this special episode, Clarkson, Hammond and May went on holiday to the United States in three RVs and unsurprisingly didn’t want to share vehicles. So, they each bought their own RV and modified them to suit their own tastes. Clarkson’s RV became a yacht for the road, Hammond made his… completely useless, and May made his into a pub – not so surprising as this was very close to his reveal on DriveTribe that he had actually bought a pub back in England.

This episode was full of challenges the trio had to manoeuvre around making it much better than the previous episode in this list. And of course, we were treated to the joke in the RV park of putting the word a*al in front of the RV names. Comedic genius at its best. Then, when the episode was coming to an end, The American made a shocking appearance after being replaced by racing driver Abbie Eaton in the previous season.

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