The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour: All The Special Episodes Ranked From Worst To Best

Sea To Unsalty Sea

It’s difficult to choose from the rest of The Grand Tour specials which one comes after the boating episode because simply, they’re all brilliant. But Sea to Unsalty Sea was a little… dull(?) compared to the other special episodes on this list. They basically drove three very expensive GT cars from Georgia to Azerbaijan and not a lot happened. Clarkson, Hammond, and May drove three grand tourers: an Aston Martin DBS, a BMW M8, and a Bentley Continental GT.

These cars aren’t anything to complain about, but we’re used to something a bit more interesting over three performance cars that aren’t going to break down, have no real issues that the trio will have to deal with, and have no real connection to where they’re driving. On top of this, the story of the episode was to find the perfect car for someone who lives in Georgia but wants to eat freshwater fish. It’s not quite finding the source of the River Nile, is it?

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