The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour: All The Special Episodes Ranked From Worst To Best

The Beach Buggy Boys

The first season of The Grand Tour certainly had its ups and downs, and plenty of fans were quick to say that they didn’t enjoy it. Celebrity Brain Crash was a bit weird, The American was unloved, and compared to Top Gear, everything felt very high budget, when the best part of the TG days was the trio struggling to make something brilliant out of not a lot of money. But, then the two-part special arrived and everything in the world was good again.

In this episode, the trio each bought a beach buggy and modified it to suit their individual tastes before driving across the deserts of Namibia. The style felt like Top Gear again, and this alongside the 4k filming quality of the upgraded camera crew and the gorgeous landscapes of Namibia, plus a certain d**do joke, this was a brilliant episode and a return to form.

Again, Hammond almost crashed after driving over a blind sand dune, but somehow he survived despite closing his eyes and hoping for the best.

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