The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour: All The Special Episodes Ranked From Worst To Best

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This was the first episode I watched of The Grand Tour which reminded me of the good old days of Top Gear. It began with the outline of the mission: to take fish from the coast to a developing village in the centre of Mozambique. May was constantly being soaked thanks to his poor design of keeping the fish in a tank behind the driver’s seat, and the other two presenters were faced with several other challenges throughout their adventure.

The largest of challenges came in the form of a crash by Richard Hammond, who fell off his bike thirty times! He told us the following:

“Things that have gone wrong this series, I think we missed a flight or two but that is just logistics. Imagine corralling us around the world, it is not an easy task. I had a slight incident in Switzerland when I departed the road backwards in quite a fast car but I also crashed a number of times on a motorcycle in Mozambique. Basically, what’s gone wrong is I keep getting injured.”

This was a rather controversial special episode thanks to the awkward ending where the trio left a struggling, developing village in a helicopter. This outraged the public who wondered whether Clarkson, Hammond and May really did help the village, and the fact the jokes at the end revolved around the village not being able to feed itself.

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